Be discriminating in your evaluation process and consider seriously our demonstrated commitment to QUALITY.

Altus Science gains accreditation or certification when an outside authority that has been qualified to review our processes and procedures evaluates us against an internationally developed series of strict requirements. These requirements span from making certain we maintain the proper physical facilities to challenging the calculations we use in our statistical evaluations.

Altus Science customers recognise that the products and services we provide them are among the very best in the world. Our certifications and accreditations are just one facet of what distinguishes us as an elite manufacturer of CRMs. Very few manufacturer’s can document (through the accreditation process) the same rigorous quality programs we have in place, but those programs are what allow Altus Science to provide customers with the highest quality products possible, and to allow for international acceptance of Altus Science products by laboratory accrediting bodies.

In the process of selecting a provider of CRMs, we understand that using their products and services means you will be integrating their quality levels into your laboratory processes as well.

ISO 17025

Covering the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, ensure that a company’s laboratory tests are performed correctly, and that assurance of product quality are appropriate and defensible.

All aspects of raw material, in-process and final product verification are covered by this accreditation. Employee education and training is reflected throughout all policies. Procedures and records, are carefully examined and must support their general and specific quality claims.

It certifies the company’s ability to demonstrate the robustness of their quality program through comprehensive and accurate product testing.


ISO 17034

Our ISO 17034 accreditation is targeted specifically at Certified Reference Material (CRM) manufacturers.

For a manufacturer to become ISO 17034 accredited, the policies and processes employed to design, manufacture and certify reference materials must be validated and proven to be accurate and robust. ISO 17034 includes explicit requirements for Request, Tender and Contract reviews, Production Planning and Control, Material handling and storage, Material processing, Metrological traceability and the assessment of homogeneity and stability.

ISO 17034 enables Altus Science to specify and include a shelf life period on the accredited Certificates of Analysis.