Inline Filters

Altus Science TOC analyser consumables - Inline Filters

Many Online Total Organic Carbon Analysers use a micron inline filter before the sample inlet. Altus Science provide replacement inline filters suitable for use with all major online TOC Analysers including:

SUEZ Sievers 500

SUEZ Sievers Checkpoint

SUEZ Sievers 400

SUEZ Sievers PPT

Beckman Coulter Anatel PAT700

Beckman Coulter Anatel A643

Beckman Coulter Anatel TOC600

Beckman Coulter Anatel A1000

Mettler Toledo Thornton 6000

Mettler Toledo Thornton 5000

Mettler Toledo Thornton 4000

Mettler Toledo Thornton 450

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